RSBC student organizations benefit their members in a variety of ways. Just being a member is something to highlight on your resume.  But, if you really want to stand out from the crowd, work toward becoming an elected officer….President, Vice President, etc, and that will capture any employer’s attention!  

Student organizations also afford their members greater opportunities for networking with industry professionals and students alike.  

Imagine this…after graduation, your fellow classmate gets a job at a company you would love to work for too.  Your classmate can take your resume directly to human resources and make a recommendation, effectively giving you an advantage over other applicants who merely fill out an online application.

Another networking powerhouse is attending a guest speaker’s seminar or a sponsored event.  Guest speakers will often bring their business cards, as will sponsors of student events.  For example, in September of 2016, KPMG, one of the “Big Four” accounting firms, sponsored a bowling event for NABA.  KPMG paid for the bowling, food, and drinks, and the recruiters brought their business cards and gifts as well.  Students who attended not only learned what it is like to work for KPMG, but they also acquired the recruiters’ valuable contact information and had a great time bowling too!