Rutgers School of Business Camden graduates are more prepared for productive business careers and possess a solid foundation of core competencies that can support success in any challenge they pursue.

The Student Engagement, Empowerment, and Development (SEED) Office is an innovative resource for Rutgers School of Business–Camden students. SEED strives to organize and expose our students to educational and experiential events and activities that prepare them for both success in college as well as a successful transition to the career of their choice.

SEED affords business students the opportunity to learn more about themselves, the importance of planning and goal setting, their career interests, and various industries and occupations.

Through SEED’s Three Phase Student Roadmap, business students develop planning skills, are encouraged to take leadership positions, work with mentors and advisors, and participate in meaningful internship opportunities at many leading organizations in the region. 


Students spend time in structured reflective activities in order to discover their personal goals, career interests, business aspirations, the definition for career and personal success, and the numerous campus resources that are available to prepare them for excellence.



Numerous educational and experiential activities are provided for students to further explore their areas of career interests. Exposure to internships, student clubs, business organizations, and mentors are offered.



With a better defined view of themselves and of the business world, students take advantage of numerous career connection and professional readiness opportunities on campus, such as: resume preparation, mock interviews, social presence polish, career fairs, and meaningful leadership opportunities.

Students learn as much outside
the formal classroom as they do in it.