There are three required Professional Skills Forum (PSF) courses – PSF1 in the Freshman Year, PSF2 in the Sophomore year/year 1 for transfer students, and Career Development Strategies (CDS) in the Junior year 3/year 2 for transfer students.

The three-course sequence focuses on the following competencies:

1 – Career Management

2 – Job Search Readiness

3 – Self Awareness / Leadership

4 – Change Readiness / Adaptability

5 – Professionalism / Work Readiness

 * Adapted from the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE).


Unique Value for our Students

  • Develop personal relationships with Student Experience Center from Freshman year through Graduation
  • Enhance peer network from day 1 – meeting other business students before any business courses are taken
  • Improve confidence in their major
  • Receive guidance in career exploration and prepare for Internships
  • Build self-awareness and leadership skills
  • Set personal and professional goals – with support and accountability
  • Cultivate Professional Etiquette – Smart attire and business dining
  • Prepare Professional Portfolio – Ready for Job Search, Interviewing and landing their first career opportunity

If you have questions about the course, please reach out to the SEC Staff or your PSF professor!