The Student Experience Center (SEC) is an innovative resource for School of Business–Camden students that strives to organize and expose our students to educational and experiential events and activities that prepare them for both success in college as well as a successful transition to the career of their choice.

The SEC affords business students the opportunity to learn more about themselves, the importance of planning and goal setting, their career interests, and various industries and occupations. The SEC engages students from Freshman year to graduation through the Professional Skills Forum (PSF) courses and events geared towards expanding their career opportunities and supporting their professional and personal goals.  This level of personal engagement creates a community of students prepared for their college journey and for solid careers upon graduation.

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Natalie Cox, Student Experience Officer, Internships
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Room 212

Carla Mandell, Project and Data Manager
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Room 230

Dan Rosenthal, Student Experience Officer
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Room 212